How can a king lose his throne? There are many ways a king can lose his throne in medieval ireland, most of which are through the loss of honor.

1. When a poet from the professional class satirizes a king, the poet is telling others how the kings acted in an unjust manner, and therefore is not worthy to rule. The word of a poet is very powerful and may influence others to call for the removal of the king. An example of a King acting unjust is seen in the liteary stody of The Heroic Biography of Cormac Mac Airt, which is about the rise of Cormac to king to when replaces the unjust king Mac Con. The link to the full story is here.

2, Another way a king could lose his honor, and therefore his throne, is when he refused to offer hospitality to visitors. Hospitality was an important aspect in medieval Ireland, and many Law Codes cite the circumstances of how proper hospitality can be measured.

3. Often times the legends surrounding the reign of a new king, incorporate laws the divine say the king must follow. Should the king break these laws tduring his reign he is breaking his geis, which could result in many terrible events that eventually cause the death of the king. An example of these restrictions, called geis, is seen in the literary story of the Destruction of DaDerga's Hostel, which is about the rise and fall of Conare Mac, King of Tara The link to the full story is here.