These pages on women will deal with the lives of women starting from the age of majority and marriage onward. The topics about women in Early Medieval Ireland have been broken into four groups: Marriage & Divorce, Professional Roles, Women in Literature and Miscellaneous Laws.

Marriage and Divorce - covers mainly the Cáin Lánamna and Hibernensis. It discusses the types of marriages and unions, status and rights within the marriage, reasons allowed for divorce, and how assets were divided upon divorce. Other Laws Applying to Women - includes the Rape Laws, the Cáin Adomnán, exceptions to honor prices, and sick maintenance laws for women. Professional Roles - covers the jobs women could legally hold outside the household. These positions gave women honor and a standing completely unrelated to any of their family members, based solely on their job and skill level. Women in Literature - discusses some of the famous women of Irish mythology and some of the roles they play within myths. During their minority, girls lived at home until about the age of seven, just like young boys. At age seven, girls were sent away for fosterage. They returned home around age fourteen and were married soon thereafter. For more information on women during their minority, please see the Childhood and Fosterage pages.